What A Day!

Sunday morning was one of my favorites in some time.  We have been advertising the new Galatians series, which deals with the content in Bible class and the application for the sermon.  We also had notebooks put together for those who would like to use them for notes and to go deeper.  I cannot remember a time when our Bible class was as full as it was yesterday morning.  It was exciting, to say the least.  Our worship assemblies were also filled with our own people, as well as guests from the community.  What a great start to Galatians.  But remember, the goal is for the content and application to produce transformation.  Use your notes and notebooks to help you go deeper this week.  What is the next step you need to take in your life, right now, that would draw you closer to Christ?  Reflect on the text.  Memorize a portion of those verses that have meaning to your life.

Speaking of the notebooks, I anticipated confusion and glitches that I hadn’t thought about.  Let me address some of those:

  • If you got one of the new notebooks everything you needed this week was in there.  Only the few who got theirs a week before had to add the sermon notes.
  • This Sunday there will be new sheets to add.  We will have the ones for Bible class and the sermon in the Fellowship Hall, for those who come to class.  We will have a few of the sermon notes in the auditorium for those who did not come to class.
  • REMEMBER: the notebook is divided into three sections – Bible Class, Sermon Series and Going Deeper.  Those header pages were put on cardstock to make it easier to find.  You can also purchase dividers that will make it easier.  If you need help getting them, let me know.  The Bible class material goes into the Bible class section.  The sermon questions go into the sermon section.  And anything titled “Going Deeper” goes into that last section to help you keep things organized.
  • If at some point you feel like you are running out of room in your notebook, you can get bigger discs (binders) that can be popped in and out to give you more room.  If you get to that point, let me know, and I will help you find them.  They are usually no more than $4 and can be purchased in a variety of colors.
  • I am planning to put past notes on the information desk in the foyer during those times you are not able to attend.  You can get with someone else to get the answers to the questions and outlines.
  • We sold all of the arc notebooks Sunday, and that was with an additional 20 or 30 extra from those who had signed up to get one.  We began a new sign up list and will have more this week.  Those who signed up are guaranteed a notebook.

Sunday night we had our monthly church get together in the Fellowship Hall.  We did one of our Circle-Up singings with a few of the newer songs and a few you requested.  We also listened to and sang our newest song – “I Woke Up This Morning.”  Simple.  Passionate.  Catchy.  I’m pretty sure some of you “woke up this morning” singing this song.  We will start off our Sunday morning class with the song this week.  You can listen to it here.  We also celebrated September birthdays and enjoyed some time sitting around talking.  Stephanie Chisholm brought her arc notebook and showed me the design she put on the front.  You need to see it.  Others of you have mentioned doing things to make theirs more personal.  Go for it and make sure you show me.

This coming Sunday is the big reveal for the upstairs teen room.  There has been a group working long hours to make this a very special space.  The teenagers will get the first glimpse and everyone else is invited after worship to see it for themselves.  Believe me, the adults are going to be jealous.

Once again, I couldn’t have gotten everything I needed to get done without some special helpers.  Helen Rathel and Gaye Stanley worked two days getting the new song sheets into all the notebooks for Sunday worship.  It takes a lot longer than you would think.  Also my wife has continued to come through, helping me with the notebooks.  All last week there were people working around the building to fix, improve or get things ready.  I’m almost afraid to mention them all, but Mark and Julie Andersson, Jay and Chris Dean, John Pickerill, Ashely Wilson, and of course, my office ladies, worked throughout the week.  Things are getting better and better every week.


Sunday is over.  We have read and studied the Galatians text.  We have looked at ways it applies to our own lives.  Now is the time for transformation.  If you have committed your life to God, you realize Sunday is only a launching point, not where the real work is done.  We allow the Spirit to continue to do its work in us by the renewing of our minds; by not being conformed to this age; transformation!  How did the Spirit speak to you in Galatians 1:1-5?  Was it a realization that you were rescued from this present evil age?  Was it knowing you can now taste and enjoy the blessings of an age that has not yet come?  What spoke to you?

Let me also encourage you to know your story.  To know what God saved you from in your life.  If you were raised going to church, raised in a home with godly parents and were considered a “good kid”; it will be important to take the time to know why you needed to be rescued from this present evil age.  Knowing your sinful past brings a proper understanding of why you needed salvation.  It brings a response of praise and worship.  What’s your story?


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