Twas the Day After Christmas

I had hoped to do the Monday morning report yesterday but it was filled with lots of family activity, including a nap.  It was a great day for the Moore household, and I pray it was for you as well.

That said, I know for some of you, it was your first Christmas without a special person in your life.  My prayers went out to you.  Some of you may have had to spend the day alone or with a family that is anything but a place of peace and love.  My prayers went out to you as well.  This is why a focus on the birth of Jesus is comforting.  It doesn’t matter if December 25th is the actual birthday or not, it is a focus of Immanuel (“God with us”) coming to the earth in the most desperate of times.  May you have comfort and joy this day.

Sunday, Christmas Eve, was a great day with God’s people.  One again, I appreciate Ladell taking on the singing while David Brooker recovers from the flu.  Also David Paladin for giving our children a special time.  And of course those who were victims volunteers in the story.  Afterwards was our annual Christmas Eve Luncheon.  At times the place was packed.  Thank you to Jay and Chris Dean, as well as all those who served, set up, cleaned up, or was a friendly face.

We finished our series on White Christmas with a one of the most beautiful themes in Scripture – being made whiter than snow by the sacrifice of the Messiah.  This week we will look into the only Psalm of Moses, yes Moses.  We will allow the psalmist to lead us into worship.  Looking ahead, beginning the first Sunday in January, we will begin a series called Ekklesia, referring to the assembly of God’s people.  The New Testament provides many great metaphors for what we often refer to as “the church.”  How do they speak to us?  Also in January, we will begin a new class in the Fellowship Hall called Loving Your Church.  On January 22nd, we are asking all adults to join us in this study.

Speaking of classes, this Sunday will be a special New Years theme with Joe Wild and myself.  Don’t forget to bring your Thanksgiving journals, and don’t forget to add a couple of things this week.  We will also look into some great ways to start off your year.  We should all want to grow more and more in our spiritual lives every year.

While we are in January, the annual elders/congregational meeting will be the first Sunday night of the month – January 7th.  We will meet together in the Fellowship Hall at 5 pm.

THE WRAP UP: Giving and receiving gifts with the people you love is a great blessing at Christmas.  But may we never forget the greatest gift of all – the Father sending His Son to earth to save mankind.  Jesus is the hyssop branch dipped in His own sacrificial blood that makes us whiter than snow.  Praise God!


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