Love Your Neighbor

The greatest sermon preached last week wasn’t presented from a pulpit, but in the yards and homes of people who needed help.  While the Treasure Coast was fortunate, Hurricane Irma left a mess.  Some in our area experienced flooding, trees down, and a lot of branches.  Immediately after the storm several of you were busy helping others.  I have heard stories of others helping their neighbors.  The Wiley’s showed up early to start working on the church parking lot (the idea came from Faith).  Danny Brackett started taking care of places where water had gotten into our building and other things that needed to be done quickly.  John Pickerill helped to take care of other issues here.  Above is a picture of the group who came to help the Patteson’s clean up (that said Sandy Brackett was the first one there).  Two more teenagers, Micah and Mollie, took it upon themselves to help clean up Jason and Suzanne’s home while they were away.  These are just a few examples of people who had their own homes and business’ to deal with but took the time to help their neighbors and check on our church family.  Last night on Facebook I read this from Debbie Hardage (Fran’s mom), to Jerry Cutshall:

“We want to thank our special brother in Christ for coming out to look at the AC today and to seal the AC handler!  It is so comforting to know that you have others willing to help… Jerry Cutshall truly exemplifies Christ’s love toward others!  I LOVE that I KNOW my VB church family will always be available to help the widows of their congregation especially when the family doesn’t live nearby!”

I’m always afraid to mention names, because I know I will leave someone out.  I do want to commend David Paladin.  He has helped to get up crews, before and after the storm, for those unable to do the work that needs to be done.  This is a physically draining job for someone who isn’t conditioned to do this type of work.  He is still planning on a couple of more days of work this week if you are interested in helping (Wednesday and Saturday).

Speaking of those who helped in the storm, we had one on of our own on the other side of the state.  Many know our youth minister, Jason, was stationed at a shelter where the hurricane was supposed to give a direct hit.  When he got back he showed me pictures and told me stories about the people he encountered.  It is one of those things that needs to be shared.  But I’m not going to give you the details, Jason has agreed to give a presentation to the church.  These are stories of encouragement and demonstrate great Biblical principles in the storm.

Staying with the theme of loving your neighbor, Steve Hoskins delivered the eulogy of a friend and former elder at this church.  I have heard many positive things about his kind words.  Steve is a blessing to us in many ways.

Worship Sunday morning was refreshing.  It felt good to pray, sing and commune with each other and God.  Worship is more than a series of acts, but a release of praise and thanksgiving to God!  We need it every week, but especially after theese last couple of weeks in Florida.  Personally, the sermon took everything out of me.  I was physically and emotionally worn out.  The topic really helped to release those emotions pinned up.  What a great Messiah!  I’m looking forward to the climax of our series next week.

Mike McGee did a good job getting us started in our new Sunday morning class on the Christian family.  He and Ladell will be dealing with some tough topics during this time.  Mike be teaching again this week on marriage and the Bible.

Speaking of Bible classes, this Wednesday we may have a change in venue and times.  Work will begin on the roof in the Fellowship Hall and the auditorium to patch up leaks.  We are not for certain how it will effect our regular meeting places.  That said, we will have class, but look for updates tomorrow evening and Wednesday morning for further instructions.  By the way, the adults will be diving in to II Samuel 3.


Screenshot (5)

Congratulations to Nick Dean who was offered a baseball scholarship with the University of Louisville.  For those who may not know as much about college baseball, this is a top 5 program in the country.  By the way, Nick accepted the offer as a 2019 commit.  Congratulations to Nick and of course mom and dad (although I’ve heard he gets his athletic abilities from his grandmother, Betty).


Thursday is the Rockin’ Seniors Night at 5 pm for play games and fellowship with one another.  Following will be our Thursday Night Hangout beginning at 6:30 pm.  This for all ages, to eat, fellowship, sing, and more.  It really is like hanging out in your living room with a bunch of people.

THE WRAP UP:  We are the Temple of God where the Creator, of all things, dwells.  The glory and presence that filled the heavenly Temple in Isaiah 6, is the same God who has tabernacled among us.  The living waters of the Spirit now flows from the heavenly Temple into us.  I’m not so sure this is something we should be talked about as much as it should be meditated upon.  A true sense of awe will rush over you.  I can’t wait until next Sunday.


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