Hurricane Irma Edition

The worst is behind us, but we want to find out how everyone faired during the storm.  We know of at least one member who took on water (pictures above).  Get with your Care Group leader for any needs.  I know many prayers were offered up for those of us who stayed and now we pray for those who will be traveling back to Vero Beach soon.  As of now, the bridges are still closed and they are warning people about getting out too soon.  The main thing is to be safe.

Because of the storm, we were unable to have services Sunday morning.  But a greater sermon was being delivered the days leading up to Hurricane Irma.  So many of you helped board up homes for those in our church family who would not have been able to do so otherwise.  Stories are beginning to surface that I had not know about some of you.  One is how so many people came together to board up Jason and Suzanne’s home.  This is a couple who hasn’t had a lot of experience with hurricanes and did not have supplies needed to board up.  Jason was called out early to report to the National Guard in Tampa and Suzanne and the baby headed north.  I’m afraid to mention names, because there were so many involved, but God knows.  Word got out and boards were being brought from different folks.  There were so many things going on to make this happen, especially in an area where supplies are few and far between.  Adults and teenagers were involved in this project.  This is just one story.  Where is God in the storm?  He is in the hands and feet of His people.  The best is yet to come.


Speaking of Jason, we were sent this picture of Jason playing basketball with the young people in the shelter he was assigned.  I also learned food became a shortage at the shelter and Jason and other soldiers were giving the people some of their food.  Just another one of the good stories coming out.

If you have some good stories you would like to share we would love to hear them.  The sermon is simple – love your neighbor.  It is our love for God that motivates us to care and help out those who need it.  What you do to help others will have a much greater impact than any sermon I could have preached Sunday morning.  So the sermon is yours.


With everything else going on, let us not forget today is September 11th.  There are families who will have a very difficult day and need our prayers.  Our country still feels its effects.  While you are at it, offer up prayers for those in the west who are dealing with wild fires and those still picking up the pieces from Hurricane Harvey.  Prayer is a powerful thing, never underestimate it.

As of now, we are planning to have our regular Wednesday night classes.  It might be a good time to be able to sit back and relax while learning more of the powerful stories of Scripture.


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