Early Morning Report

summer celebration You received an early morning report because I will be heading to Nashville today.  David Lipscomb’s “Summer Celebration” begins Wednesday.  Once again I have a high school senior in my house.  So Micah, and his girlfriend Mollie, will be going with me to check out the school.  Today we are heading to my mother-in-laws house, in Alabama, to visit and stay overnight.  Bella will be staying with her while we go to Lipscomb.  Unfortunately Missy and Noah will not be able to go with us.  It has been a while since the last time I was in Nashville, so it will be good to be back and visit with a few friends from Riverwood and preachers attending the lectures.  I am also pretty excited about the theme on the Book of Romans. We will be coming back Saturday.

pray like JesusSunday morning was a good start to our new series.  This week we will be looking into, what many people refer to as, “The Model Prayer.”  Upon request, Jesus teaches his disciples how to pray.  Most of us know it by heart, and some may even recite it often.  But what was the Master teaching them, and ultimately us, about prayer?  Should we continue to recite it today or was it just a blueprint, of sorts.  I am looking forward to the study this week.

This past week as been busy for our young people.  Among other things, Jason and Blakely had them reworking a couple of bulletin boards in the foyer.  They also discovered why these boards are not changed very often, it is very time consuming work.  They did a great job.

Speaking of nice changes, you may have noticed the new bulletin format Sunday morning.  Everything is well organized and condensed to a single page.  It also looks really nice.  A big thanks to Sasha Chisholm.

Jerry Cutshall did an excellent job with our Sunday morning Bible Class.  Of course, I always enjoy a good study from the Psalms.  Hopefully Steve Hoskins will feel well enough to begin a new class this Sunday.

The wrap up: Listen to the words of Jesus from Matthew 6:5-8.  Prayer is supposed to be an intimate time with the Father.  A moment that engages the heart and mind of the worshiper.  Find that place, or places, you can be alone with God.  Don’t allow your prayer life to become a meaningless ritual or a way for others to be impressed with your holiness.  It is time with our Creator and Father.  If you feel like you do not pray enough, set your alarm three times day to remind you to stop and to talk to God.  Let the words of Jesus work on your heart throughout this series.

Have a great week.


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