A Day of Disorientation

Yesterday we continued our series through the Psalms.  We turned everything upside down from the previous week.  Living an oriented life is a blessing.  Everything makes sense.  By observing God’s creation, instruction and wisdom, we find an orderly and well-thought-out life.  Faith is high and things are good.  We are filled with joy and praises to a good God.  But then the day of disorientation hits and chaos ensues.  While we enjoy a certain relationship with the Triune God during orientation – in disorientation we discover a different kind of relationship that is imperative.  We vent, beg, plead, cry out, and do whatever it takes to make it through.  We unleash our emotions to the Father and at the same release our ways to remedy the issue by submitting to Him.  But then what?  We wait for the day of redemption.  When that day comes we enter a new orientation that is unlike anything we had experienced before.  This Sunday we conclude our series by studying psalms of the new orientation.  This is when things get exciting.  It isn’t about going back to the original orientation you enjoyed before, but something new that emerges from the ashes.

BONUS: Psalm 9 and 10 are laments that are meant to go together, which is rarity.  Together they form an acrostic – Psalm 9 ends with the the Hebrew letter kaf (כ) and Psalm 10 picks up with lamed (ל). It is a perfect contrast, even though chapter 10 appears to be different than chapter 9.  The first psalm implies international battles while the second implies social oppression within the nation.  But when viewed together Psalm 9 seems to appeal to Yahweh’s past, praiseworthy judgments of the nations as a precedent for how He should intervene in the current social oppression within Israel and Judah, as described in Psalm 10.  This makes for an interesting lament.

Chuck3_-_cropped In a couple of weeks Chuck Webster, who preaches for the Hoover Church of Christ in Birmingham, Alabama, will be here to teach class and preach while I am away at the wedding.  Besides being the double first cousin of Missy (2 brothers married 2 sisters – nothing weird!), he is also well known for his ability to preach and write.  He is a graduate of Freed-Hardeman University and has received Master’s degrees from the University of Alabama (communications) and Beeson Divinity School (theology – Samford University).  More importantly he is one of the most humble servants I know in the Kingdom of Christ.  He and his wife Melony, have four children.  Melony, along with two of their kids, will be coming with Chuck to Vero.  My only regret is I will not be here to enjoy he and his family.  As always, roll out the red carpet and show them the love of Jesus.

The wrap up: No matter what you are going through in your life, our Father wants you to bring it all to Him.  Struggle through it by praying prayers of anguish, grief, doubts, frustration, etc.  Let it all out and then submit and wait.  Take your concerns to God often and with passion.  What is waiting on the other side will be worth the wait.


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