Our Young People

I love being at a church with so many young people.  Yesterday was no different.  Sunday morning we saw the first batch of returning college students.  As a parent of a couple of college kids, I know how thrilled these moms and dads (and even siblings) were to have them home for the summer.  It is great catching up and seeing how much they have grown in a short time.  Ladell Young will begin a class soon for our young adults.

Last night we celebrated three of our teens graduating this year.  The presentations were great as parents put together a montage of pictures for us to view in the auditorium.  Afterwards the real party began.  The Fellowship Hall was packed.  A special thanks to our youth minister, Jason, and putting this all together.  Also a big thanks to Beth Hoskins, Suzanne King, Adam Rogers, Liz Raikes, Faith Wiley and all the parents for putting everything together.  Next year we have 7 graduating!

Lex and JessMelissa and I would like to thank everyone for the kindness you have shown toward our son (Lex) and his finance (Jessica).  We were overwhelmed with all the cards and gifts they received last night.  We are excited about headed to Oklahoma City in a couple of weeks for the wedding.  Some have asked if I will be doing the ceremony… I will (we save money on a preacher).  Seriously, I’m pretty excited about it myself.  Also a special thanks to Beth and Liz for doing this for us and the graduating teens for letting us join with them.

Keeping with our young people theme, Kaitlyn Cutshall (batting), Madison Dean (fielding) and the Master’s softball team won their regional semi-final game last week.  They play Tuesday afternoon at 5 pm.  The field is located behind the First Church of God on 58th Avenue.

Nick Dean

Also, congratulations to Nick Dean and Gage Brackett for winning the district championship for Vero Beach High School.  They continue their run Tuesday night at 7 pm at the High School baseball field.  I believe Gage is pictured kneeling on the left end and Nick is standing behind him.

Last, but certainly not least, our children’s program had a ton of kids Wednesday night.  In fact, the children and teenagers combined outnumbered our adults (between 80-90)!  That is the first time I have ever heard that happening.


Sunday morning one of our Care Groups enjoyed lunch together after services.  I wish I had some pictures to share.  I heard it was a great success and they had 3 visitors join them.  Next month (June 4th), our next Care Group (P-R) will meet.  If that is your group mark it on your calendar.

Today, at 11:30 am, all of our ladies are invited for lunch in the Mall.  Everyone gets their food and sits together to gossip about the preacher (just kidding).  Sometimes a couple of the men show up and have their own table (rebels).  All I know is everyone has a good time.

BONUS: Sunday morning we began a new series from the Psalms.  One of the songs of Creation we looked into was Psalm 145.  It is an acrostic poem, that is, every line begins with the consecutive letters of the Hebrew alphabet (ת-א).  What I didn’t tell you is the acrostic poem was not complete until the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls (1947-1956).  These scrolls were the oldest manuscripts found in 11 caves at Qumran (near the northwest shore of the Dead Sea).  Until this discovery Psalm 145:13b-20 were missing in the traditional Hebrew text.  It completed the acrostic pattern beginning with the Hebrew letter נ (nun) through ת (tav).  Thanks to Biblical archeology we continue to learn more about the Scripture, culture and God’s people.

The wrap up: We serve an amazing God.  Through His creation, Holy torah (instruction), and wisdom, we discover a well organized, well thought out life.  Our Creator, despite our sin and living in a fallen world, provides us with a means to exchange worldly wisdom for the wisdom of God.  Each of these, creation, torah and wisdom, are ways for us to draw closer to the Most High God.  This is what is found in the life of orientation.  This week we will notice life when it has been turned upside down – disorientation.  Until then, bask in the goodness of Yahweh!


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