Easter Sunday

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Easter is a great day all the way around.  Having guests from our community, as well as out of town, is uplifting.  People seem to be happier, I’m guessing from all the chocolate they ate that morning.  Many sport their new or pastel clothing.  You get the idea… Easter.  But my favorite part is the stronger focus on the resurrection of the Messiah.  At that moment, a new creation emerged from the tomb.  Resurrection changed the world forever and speaks forth to a time when believers will be completed and given a new resurrected body.  Easter is a message of hope.  Easter is a symbol of how we are to walk everyday, as a new creation of God.  Easter is the beginning, not the end, as so many gather for sunrise rather than sunset.  Live in resurrection everyday.

Eath Day Speaking of creation, this Saturday is Earth Day.  This is an annual event, celebrated worldwide, in support of environmental protection.  Concern for the environment should never be seen as some political agenda.  The Creator put mankind over the care of the earth to subdue, rule, work and watch over it (Gen. 1:26, 28; 2:15).  God created the earth to bless us with the food and shelter needed to survive.  That said, we should never treat a gift with disrespect.  Many articles could be written on how to properly treat God’s world, but I am simply encouraging you to think about ways you can do this in your life everyday.  As far as Vero is concerned, there is an “Earth Day Beach Clean Up” at South Beach on Saturday morning from 8 am – 11 am.  Not all of us can make it, but there are other things we can do help preserve our gift from God each day.

I Thessalonians Beginning April 30th, Joe Wild and myself will begin a new class on Sunday mornings in the Fellowship Hall.  It is the Apostle Paul’s first letter to the Thessalonian churches.  The major theme is the 2nd Coming of Jesus.  It is a topic mentioned in every chapter because they had not been properly taught the Messiah’s return.  For that fact, there was panic and sorrow.  So Paul writes this letter to give them hope and encouragement.  We have one more week of the “One Word” study (Steve Hoskins) and then we will begin this book.

The fish fry fundraiser is coming up on the 28th.  Last I heard the tickets available were down to single digits.  They may have even sold out yesterday, but I’m not for certain.  Check with Sasha Chisholm or Troy Wiley.  This goes toward their mission trip to Antiqua.

Flag Football - Troy

Speaking of Troy, he is more than a fish salesman.  He and his team won the Ultimate Frisbee state championship Saturday!  This is a big accomplishment.  Troy is the one sitting and holding the banner in the middle.  I’m not sure what is going on with his hair, but we will give him a pass since he is a state champ. 🙂

Bella - Middle School Softball

Last week Bella’s middle school softball team came in 2nd in the county playoffs.  They had a great year, coming in as the #1 seed, but fell short.  Bella is second from the left.

Please let me know of any good news that we can share – athletics, education, the arts, etc.

The wrap up: Live in the grace and mercy of God.  Jesus died and was resurrected to release us from the burden of our sinfulness.  He came because we could not save ourselves, no matter how hard we try, or how many religious credentials we may add up.  Believers live in the power of the resurrection rather than their own strength.  We are not looking for things to do as much as we are listening for the stirring of the Spirit.  It is here God’s work will be done.  How awesome is the Father?  We are asked to join Him, rather than going at it alone.


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