Spring Break


The kids are out for Spring Break this week and I am taking a short break to be with them.  We came to Orlando yesterday afternoon and we will be returning tomorrow afternoon.  Bella found me this Elvis rubber duck last night to provide inspiration for todays report.  I told her, “Thank you, thank you very much.”  And yes, my I Samuel class will be full throttle Wednesday night as we go through chapter 22.  If you think King Saul has been bad, he is about to take it up a few notches.

screenshot-3 This week we continue through the Book of Philippians in our Sunday morning series – Jesus Matters.  I started working Friday on this sermon.  It is really an interesting passage as Paul trying to figure out which is better – to live or die.  What!?  The apostle has a unique perspective that many in the world cannot understand.  We will be focusing on the phrase living is Christ.

caregroupsIt is hard to believe this week will be the last Sunday in March.  That means we are less than two weeks away from our next Care Group Luncheon.  Now that we have been through the groups once we have a better idea of what might work better.  With the new restructure, those whose last names beginning with A-E, will meet on April 2nd following services.  Make sure you mark your calendars now.  This is a great way to get to know each other.

Since this a short Spring Break I am going to make this Monday Morning Report short as well.  But before signing off let me encourage you to see others through the eyes of the Apostle Paul – a people who need Jesus.  Love your enemies and rejoice when the Good News is shared with others.


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