A Big Week


This has been a big week and it has nothing to do with a presidential inauguration.  Let’s begin with the biggest news… Lena Roffman was baptized into Christ Wednesday night!  Jason has done a good job since he took over our youth.   Not only does he mix well with all the teens, but also the kids they bring with them.  Add to that, Lena’s parents, Travis and Katina Roffman, placed membership with us Sunday morning.  Both are baptized believers excited about being apart of our church family.  I was thrilled their oldest daughter, Brittany, could drive down from Gainesville to witness her sister being baptized.  The youngest Roffman daughter, Addison, is already apart of our kids program.

If that wasn’t enough, Jason had one of the most successful Teen Banquets we have ever had.  As it stands, $4,300 was raised for the young people to go to Winterfest in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.  The teenagers did a good job with their “Luau” theme.  A special shout out to Caleb Cope for bringing a little bit of Elvis.  As a parent of two kids in the youth group, as well as one of the ministers in this church, I appreciate all the parents who helped out to make this a special night.  But it was a Jamie Brott, neither a teenager nor parent, who cooked all the food and worked in the kitchen all night.  Thanks to everyone who came out and made this a big success.

arthur-david1Building on the weekend, Sunday morning we had Arthur David Day.  It was more about saying goodbye to a missionary we have supported for almost 10 years.  We are excited about the future for Arthur and Anora.  The work in Liberia is an important part of their lives and they plan to stay involved in the work.  Also, thank you to everyone who helped set up, cook, and clean up for our meal.  We do not have these very often, but when we do there is a lot involved.  Continue to pray for The David family and the work in Liberia.

andrea-livingstone It is that time a year again when the kids program starts recruiting teachers.  This is an important part of what we do here and something we want to continue to offer to our young families.  Andrea Livingstone sat out in the foyer to help people sign up or answer questions.  She still needs more teachers, so please get with Andrea soon or contact David at the church office.

Open bible with man and cross Looking back and ahead: Several weeks ago I had the church for fill out a card about one lies Satan whispers to you.  After reading them, I decided to save them and preach about those things many struggle with every week.  That said, this Sunday we will be looking into one of the most popular deceptions Satan uses on the church – “God can’t forgive me.”  This statement breaks my heart.  To live a life doubting, wondering if a Holy God can forgive you of a terrible sin.  PLEASE invite others who could use a study like this one.  I will be posting it on our Facebook page, so please “share” any updates.

As I wrap up the report, let me encourage you to dwell on the Kingdom of God.  Let it flow from your life onto others.  Right now we are being bombarded by the negatives of our nation – protests, lies, slander, hateful speech, and unproductive arguments.  These things can affect you (me) in ungodly ways.  So for today I leave you with an oracle from God.

Finally brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable – if there is any moral excellence and if there is any praise – dwell on these things.

Philippians 4:8 – HCSB


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