Thanksgiving Edition

happy thanksgiving_t

It is officially my favorite week of the year. Of course, Thanksgiving Day is filled with family traditions – the Macy’s Parade, an amazing meal, football (don’t worry, not college), family games, and a dip into the Psalms.  Yet, another anticipated tradition is our Tuesday night gathering.  This year we will all meet in the Coffee Shop for a few songs and prayer.  Afterwards, we will split into three groups and attend three 15 minute activities.  Jerry Cutshall, Joe Wild and myself will lead each session.  The teens and children’s classes will go on as normal.  We hope everyone will plan to be with us on this special night.  Remember this will be in place of our Wednesday night class.

christmas-partySince we are talking about church events, our Christmas party is only a couple of weeks away.  Sunday night, December 4th, we will meet together at the Heritage Center in the downtown area.  A sign-up sheet was posted this morning in the foyer for the types of food needed.  This is an event for our church family, so please mark your calendars.  While you have your December calendars out, also mark December 21st (caroling), December 24th (Christmas Eve Luncheon), and December 25th (no Sunday morning classes – worship at 10).

screenshot-32 Thanks to Stephanie Chisholm our worship services are officially streamed LIVE on Facebook.  It can also be shared on your timeline and watched anytime after.  This is especially helpful to those who are sick and unable to be with us.  Our snowbirds, when back home, can also feel like they are still with us.  Some sermons may be helpful to share with others who are your friends and family.

Sunday was a great day of worship.  They singing was uplifting.  It was good to see David Brooker back up again.  Many of our college students were home.  Several visitors were in the audience.  Most importantly our God was present and glorified.  Do not let it stop here.  Grow deeper in your relationship with the Triune God.  Talk to Him.  Listen to Him.  Take time to discover the many attributes of our loving God.

love-hateThis Sunday I am going to tackle a heavy presence in our country right now – hate – and how to deal with it.  There is so much unrest.  Everywhere we look right now, it seems, we find one group hating another.  This individual hating someone else.  This group of people hating an that individual.  Anger.  Violence. Threats.  Accusations.  Hate may be the strongest emotion in our country today, but there is a trait that is more powerful – love.  Join me next week as we look into the great battle of our country – Love & Hate.

As I conclude, I need to thank Tom Harrelson for filling in for my class on I Samuel.  I have a love and appreciation for Tom and his knowledge of the Hebrew Scriptures.  This allowed Missy and I to go away for a couple of days for our 25th wedding anniversary.  We enjoyed our time together. Above is a few pictures we took at a State Park in Palm Coast and our anniversary dinner at Harry’s in St. Augustine.  As you can see I am a very blessed man with much to be thankful.


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