Anchor Down

hope_in_jesus_anchors_the_soul__hebrews_6_19__by_tylerneyens-d88h3uvThis week, and the months and years to come, may bring discouragement, fear, and stress for the future.  You will hear many things on the news, around the water cooler at your work, and on social media that will make you feel adrift.  Some of you may be in a family that is falling apart and you are not sure what this upcoming year holds.  Some of you may be in a job where rumors swell about layoffs, closings, or relocation.  Some of you may be adding up college loans for a degree that may not promise many opportunities when you graduate.  You may have health issues that make you feel adrift for your future.  What is going to happen to the church?  What if the moral decline of our country continues?  We have an anchor imbedded into the solid ground of the Messiah sitting at the right hand of the Father.  We have an anchor that guarantees a future unlike anything we can image.  We have an anchor that sent the Spirit of God to be with us and in us to help us and take our groanings to the throne of God.  We have a “confident expectation” of the blessings we share today and the amazing realities to come.  Anchor down!

GOOD NEWS!  David Brooker let me know he is now available to lead singing again.  He is a solid foundation for our singing.  What he brings goes beyond Sunday morning.  The songs he has taught us and his ability to develop singers has been a blessing.  We are finally the healthiest our song leaders have been in a long time.  Bill Raikes recently returned to the rotation and now David.  You have heard me say it many times, but we are blessed with good song leaders.  Many churches struggle with this year after year.  It has been fun watching Ladell Young develop over the last couple of years to become the song leader he is today.  We would have been in a lot of trouble if he had not been here to pick up slack while Bill and David recovered.  The big 3 is back!

the-christmas-experienceSPECIAL CLASS.  This Sunday Jerry Cutshall will begin a five week adult class called The Christmas Experience.  This will be a video class with discussion following.  Kyle Idelman takes us into the lives of individual characters surrounding the birth of Jesus.  We will meet in the auditorium at 9 am.  Invite friends or family who might enjoy this study.

Speaking of Christmas, which is difficult for me before Thanksgiving, our Christmas party is December 4th.  This will be at the Heritage Center on a Sunday night.  More information to come.  Go ahead and mark your calendars.

As far as marking your calendars…make sure you note our midweek services will be on Tuesday, November 22nd, during Thanksgiving week.  Upcoming events will be Christmas caroling on December 21st; Christmas Eve Luncheon on December 24th; No Sunday morning classes on December 25th.


THIS WEEK the Rockin’ Seniors will meet at Bob Evans on Thursday night at 5 pm.  If you are one of our senior citizens and have not taken advantage of this group, you should come out and see what its all about.  I believe games will follow in the Fellowship Hall after dinner together.  If you are wondering, the picture above is Jim Warren as lead singer; David Brooker on the lead guitar; and Lonnie Ledford playing bass.  I have not heard when their rock tour begins.

Since this is my blog, I’m going to share a personal accomplishment.  Wednesday will be mine and Melissa’s 25th wedding anniversary.  I remember receiving a gift on our wedding day we opened by mistake.  It was supposed to be a belated 25th wedding anniversary gift for my parents from one of their friends.  At the time I thought, “Wow, 25 years is a long time.”  I also thought, “Boy my parents are old.”  Now that we hit that mark I think, “I am excited about the next 25 years, if the Lord wills” and “I don’t think my parents were as old as I first thought.”  Either way, I have been the lucky one in this marriage.

Have a great week.


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