Monday Morning Report (Halloween Edition)


Good morning everyone.  This is the day my kids ensure we have enough candy in the house until Thanksgiving.  Above are a few pictures I have found.  Austin Dean (left) as the infamous “Bartman” who cursed the Cubs a few years back.  Mya and Christin Paladin as the Flintstones and David as an 80’s rock star.  Some of you saw Sasha Chisholm and her dog.  We hope all our kids have a safe night and you dads check their candy (you know, to get the good stuff out for yourself).

Staying with a youthful theme, Jason and the teens did a great job with the Applebee’s fundraiser for Winterfest.  They raised over a $1,000!  A big thanks to everyone who was able to participate.  It was kind of nice seeing many of you for breakfast.


NEXT SUNDAY is our time change!  We will begin Bible study @ 9 am and worship @ 10 am.  This coincides with Daylight Savings Time.  This was a smart move by the elders since we will get an extra hour (“Fall back”).  If you know someone who doesn’t get our emails, please make sure you remind them of this change.

Don’t forget Care Group 2 will meet for a potluck meal after worship.  In case you are wondering, that is every family whose last names begin with D-H.  Not only is it a time for you get to know the people in your group but also to invite our guests to join you.  Pass the word.

Sunday night everyone is encouraged to citizenshipjoin Joe Wild in the Coffee Shop for A Conversation on Citizenship.  We understand believers are citizens of the Kingdom of God, but what about our responsibility as a citizen of the United States of America?  Does the Bible address this issue at all and if so, what are we supposed to know?  This is not a gathering for the elders to tell you who to vote for.  This is not about bashing political candidates (the media has already taken care of that for us).  We often wonder what our place is in this world even though we are citizens of heaven.  (Phil. 3:20)  Join us for an informative and respectful conversation Sunday night @ 5 pm.

I apologize to the people on the west side of the auditorium.  Some let me know they were thirsty and I did not pass out waters to their section.  I had a moment of weakness. :)Seriously, I appreciate the encouragement from yesterday’s sermon.  The metaphors of the Creator to His creation are powerful, life changing pictures.  Continue to look for these illustrations in your Scripture reading and stop long enough to mediate and follow its leading.

Speaking of sermons, this Sunday will be another special worship filled with thoughts from Psalm 95 interspersed with songs, prayers, and times to reflection.  It is a Call to Worship.  No matter how difficult your week may be, this is an opportunity to drop all those worries, struggles, and pains at the door and completely focus on the King of creation.

Psalm 95.jpg



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