Hurricane Sunday

Hurricane Matthew Worship.jpg

Sunday morning was one of those memorable days in the illustrious history of this church.  It was a hurricane Sunday, and Biblical since this hurricane was named after an apostle and the first book of the New Testament.  Ok, that was a bit of a stretch, but it was a great day.  We had no power with the exception of lights and fans powered by a generator.  It was warm inside but it did not detract from our worship together.  In fact, everyone seemed to be in good spirits.  I believe we came in with such feelings of thankfulness to God.  Thursday night many of us wondered if we would even be able to get to worship on Sunday.  For whatever reason, God spared us from devestation.  Praise the Lord of creation!

Personally I believe tragedy brings out the best in others.  Don’t get me wrong, you still have those who take advantage of those suffering (i.e., price gouging, selfishness, etc.), but there is so much good that takes place.  I saw it first hand with many in this congregation.  Several went out before the storm to help others put up storm shutters and board up their homes.  Then there were those who went back out Saturday to help them take them down.  Many did this before they took care of their own homes.  I know of some who went out and helped their neighbors.  Then there was a crew that came out Sunday afternoon to clean up the church grounds (pictures above).  Along the way some prayers were offered, a few tears shed, and many words of thanks.  Here is a letter we received from the Amores.

October 9, 2016

Greetings and Thanks to our Vero Beach Church Family,                      

We pray that you are all safe and in good health and all is well with you through the constant loving care of our Lord.

We would like to take advantage of this time to express how grateful we are for the plan to provide assistance to many that included the putting up of shutters.  We are one of the beneficiaries of this act of kindness. Thank you, Joe and Mike for your leadership. 

To Jason and Suzanne, Jay and Mike Dean, and Micah who went to our house and spend time and efforts to put up our shutters while we are in Virginia:

We would like to let you know the relief and how we were touched when we saw you, through a picture sent by my neighbor, in front of our garage. Thank you very much for volunteering your time and for your efforts to help us in our time of need.  We are just incredibly grateful.

Lastly, our special thanks to MOMmy Ethel.

We look forward to be with you, very soon.

In Christian Love,

Sonny and Lita Amores

The Chistlike spirit was demonstrated on so many levels.  The goal was for others to see our good works so the Father would be glorified.  (Matt. 5:16)  No credit of our own.  No power of ourselves.  All glory to God.  Build off this time and continue to look for ways to serve your neighbor.  Storms do not always come from physical hurricanes.

Screenshot (22)

Lord willing, we will be back in the Coffee Shop Wednesday night studying another tragedy that occurred a few thousand years ago.  It was worse than a Category 5 hurricane.  The capture of the Ark of the Covenant by the enemies of Yahweh.


We had a few people ask about Sunday night.  Remember, we only meet together the first Sunday night of the month.  The other weeks you meet with your small group.  You don’t have one yet?  The groups are named accordingly – Get Your People (GYP).  Ask people you have things in common with to join you.  It could be a group of 4 or 12 or whatever, but find those you would be comfortable to share with.  Based on your size you could meet around a table at Panera or in someone’s home.  If you want to use a room at the building let us know so we can make arrangements.  What you do will be up to the group.  You may choose to study a book of the Bible, a topic or just try to find God’s answers to current events.  You may choose to take your time to share how God has been working in your life or how you need Him during this time in your life.  You may use the entire time in prayer.  You may chose to use your time to go out and serve someone in need.  The hope is you will grow in Christ and with one another.  If a hurricane is coming, you automatically check on the people in your group and make sure they are ok.  Or as a group you go out together and serve those in need, or depending on what you can do physically, you may come together to pray for others suffering.  Don’t limit yourself.  Get Your People to do life with.  If you need any help please don’t hesitate to contact the ministers or elders.

The next time we meet together on a Sunday night will be November 6th at 5 pm.  We will have a conversation on citizenship.  Notice the time is 5 pm and NOT 5:30 pm.  This is the Sunday (November 6th) that we change our times – 9 am Bible Study; 10 am Worship; and 5 pm evening assembly.  That is on November 6th.  It is the same day as Sunday Daylight Savings Times begin.  That is on November 6th.

Let the joy of this weekend extend to others this week.  We understand we were spared devastation and there is a real sense of thankfulness in your hearts.  Share the love.


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