Back To School!

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This is the first week of school.  This picture says it all…unless you are a teacher.  Seriously we are praying for our young people as they begin a new year.  We want God to bless them with an education that can be used for His glory and strength to be a positive influence to others rather than allow negative influences to bring them down.  We also want to pray for all our teachers that they have a good year molding the minds of the youth in our community.

Yesterday was the last in our series on “Faith Journal” as we looked into the difficult subject of wrestling with God.  Thank you for allowing me to share and for all the encouragement I received.  I love this church more and more every week.  Here is a few pictures from the “prayer walk” during those first two weeks of isolation.

Sunday night we had a good Circle-Up Singing.  The attendance was low, I’m guessing because of the weather, but the singing was good.  Even though David Brooker wasn’t able to be there, I did my best to go through our new song for this Sunday.  A beautiful combination of two songs, Amazing Grace/My Chains are Gone.  Please go to the link this week to listen. This is a beautiful acappella rendition by a college group. Not exactly the arrangement we will use but you can learn the songs.

Next Sunday Steven Wilson will be preaching in my place.  Last Fall I was invited to speak to the 2016 incoming freshmen at Faulkner University (Montgomery, AL) about personalities.  I hate being gone after only being back a month, but it is time sensitive to the school year.  Sunday morning I will be preaching and teaching at the Wetumpka Church of Christ right outside of Montgomery.  The preacher there, Jason Chesser, and I attended Faulkner together.  That afternoon I will be speaking to the freshmen class.  While I am excited to be back on campus I hate being gone right now.  Although it is nice having someone like Steven who can do more than an adequate job in my absence.

Jason and Suzanne

Yesterday the elders announced the hiring of Jason King as our new youth minister.  He and Suzanne will be moving the week after Labor Day.  It has been amazing watching this whole process unfold.  We will give more information as it comes.  Until then we ask you to pray for the King’s as they will be leaving family behind in Tennessee.  We pray for safe travels and the working of the Spirit in their lives as they influence our teens.

Joel and Ann

Before that happens we have a big going away party for Joel and Ann.  They have been an important part of the work here for the last few years.  Joel has been here even longer. Come celebrate with them Sunday night at 5:30 pm.  If you can bring a side dish please email the church to let us know what you are willing to bring.  If you have any photos of Joel please send them to the church email or Ashley Wilson.  Also, if you haven’t done so, use an 8 1/2 x 11 paper(s) to write Joel and Ann a letter that will be put into a scrapbook for them.  Feel free to dress it up with art, stickers, or whatever you feel is appropriate.  It is going to be a big night, so make sure you don’t miss it.

May the peace of God go with each of us this week.  We are going to have our moments of trials and chaos, which is why we look forward to those times of calm.  I am praying a special prayer for those of you struggling right now.  If you are enjoying a “season of peace” comfort others who are going through some difficult times right now.  You have no idea what a phone call, text, email, visit or short letter will do for someone.  It might be the only communication of encouragement they get all week.  Be Jesus.


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