Monday Thoughts

Mother’s Day is always a special time.  Small children wake up early to fix their mom scorched eggs and burned toast to serve in bed.  Children you have not heard from in a while call and send cards.  Some of you enjoyed their presence while having a nice lunch.  Social media was filled with “I have the best mother in the world” posts and churches recognized these special ladies.

That being said, I would like to recognize those women who were never able to have children and feel less important on Mother’s Day.  Those who struggled emotionally because you have lost your mother or a child and it brought back painful memories.  The Father wants you to know you are His daughter and He loves you very much.  While others were celebrating the blessing of motherhood with their families, He was blessing you in other ways.  His Spirit was with you, taking your groaning before God.  Take your burdens to Jesus who promises rest.  This is not about making mothers feel guilty for a great day.  I celebrated my mom and the mother of my children.  This is to let these ladies know they are loved and as significant as someone who has so many children they have to live in a shoe.  When Jesus is in us, the Father sees us all the same.  So I rejoice with those who rejoice and weep with those who weep.

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Beginning this Wednesday, through the rest of May, we will study various Psalms.  As many of you know I love this book.  It would be safe to say I am addicted to it.  This week we will try to cover two Psalms (Ps. 2 & 8).  The goal is for this study to be more than a historical lesson but one that reaches the soul.  We will take time to pray, sing, discuss, and sit in contemplative silence.  Join us in the Coffee Shop at 7 pm.

spiritual growth 2016

Coming up soon is the “Spiritual Growth Workshop” which is now called Equip.  We are fortunate to live so close to something like this.  Some of my favorite speakers are Randy Harris, Matt Dabbs, Charles Hodge and Xerxes Snell.  Also two of our former youth ministers – Jay Cline and Vic Pruitt – are on the schedule. Of course I’m kind of partial to this guy named Slate Moore.  You can view the whole schedule here and if you are interested in booking a room at the conference center click on  If enough people are interested we may can take the church bus.

This week take time to reflect on the One who provided “the way” for sinners to come before the throne of grace.  Unclean Gentiles, like myself, can experience the promises the Father gave to His people.  Praise be to Christ Jesus for this unspeakable gift!  As people of the Way, let us share this joy and Holy Highway with others.


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