Spring Break

Spring Break has begun for Indian River County, which means my drive to Panera was free of high school students.  It’s been a good day.

For whatever reason, the road from Vero to Nashville is running hot.  My son, Micah, is in Nashville this week on Spring Break.  Joe and Glenda Wild are on their way back from Nashville.  Another one of our families is headed to Nashville.  We have snowbirds from Nashville worshipping with us right now.  Some friends of Missy and I arrived yesterday, from Nashville, who are a part of the church I served there.  One of our visitors from the community told me yesterday they are moving to Nashville.  It makes you want to listen to country music.

Restoration - Belle Meade

Speaking of Nashville, Glenda sent me this picture from one of the famous mansions in the city.  This goes along with the study we begun last Wednesday night, The Story of the Churches of Christ.  There is a rich history of the Restoration Movement in Nashville.  In fact, one of my favorite restoration preachers started a college there, you may have heard of it, David Lipscomb University.  Join Steve Hoskins Wednesday night as we continue our study of the history of the Churches of Christ.


This week is Easter Sunday.  The single greatest day to invite someone to church.  Yes, any day is a good day, but more people will accept an invitation than any other day of the year.  I’m looking forward to this weeks study.  Dr. Luke does something powerful!  When you read Luke-Acts as a single piece of literature, a pattern develops that places the resurrection and ascension of Jesus at the heart.  When you see it you will be blown away.

Now for the wrap up.  Read the Book of Luke-Acts over the next few weeks.  Study the life, ministry, and teaching of Jesus and let it saturate your soul.  Open your heart to the Spirit of God that He may guide you in your daily walk.  Read, pray, meditate and live these Scriptures.


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