Teen Banquet Edition

teen banquet2

Saturday night was the annual teen banquet and the young people didn’t disappoint.  They poured many, many hours into this this years fund raiser.  If you think they enjoy practicing and getting up in front of their church family, you haven’t talked with many of them (although a few live for it).

But what about the brains of the operation?  Andrea Livingstone, Joel Soumar, Brittany Wells and Ashley Wilson, outdid themselves again.  Long before the young people have their first practice, they are meeting, casting ideas and planning.  The theme was great!  Take away the time they spent on practicing, and they still put in many hours just getting the props, video and PowerPoint presentations ready.

teen banquet5

The decorations were creative – a television centerpiece, TV Guide programs, and TV dinners.  The only thing missing were TV trays.  It just added to the night.  A big thanks to Penny Wells and her crew.

Also, it was great the way they incorporated some of our adults.  We learned a lot of things: 1) Ethel thinks “mule” is a color (evidently Cinderella is as well); 2) Tim and Sue Dean still haven’t taken down their Christmas decorations; 3) the Roe’s know one another very well; 4) the Leon’s do not know their last name; 4) and Vicki Rodgers has been hiding shoes from David.

Then there were the performances.  My thoughts and predictions: Daniel Piggot will have his own talk show.  Troy Wiley will one day be in the CIA as a master of disguise.  Caleb Cope will be the next actor on the Disney Channel.  Mike Dean will become a sales representative for Snickers.  Trevor Wild will most likely be living in a van down by a river (possibly in Alabama).  Marlee Soop and Reagan Wells will be the next great ballet dancers.  Austin Dean will one day be in prime condition to win Americas Ninja Warrior but miss his chance because he never emerges from the dressing room while fixing his hair and admiring his beauty.  I could go on, but I’m afraid I am already in enough trouble.

Overall I give the night two thumbs up!  Thanks to everyone who helped out in any way.  I know Joel and the teens (especially the parents), appreciate the donations to help the youth go to Winterfest this weekend.  Please say a little prayer for the chaperones going on the trip!


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