Florida Winter


It looks like we survived cold apocalypse in Florida.  Today temperatures return to 70 and continue to rise the following day.  We actually turned our heat on for the first time.  Yet, despite the cold weather, we had a great crowd Sunday morning.  The young adults class continues to grow in number.  Our corporate worship was filled with our own people and visitors from the community.  It was a good day.

Screenshot (32)

This weekend is our Marriage Seminar.  Joe Wild and I met this morning to go over some of the final details.  Remember, this is for anyone who would like to attend, but we especially want to encourage our couples to come.  The cost is $20 per couple.  That can either be put in the collection plate on Sunday or you can give it to us Wednesday or over the weekend.  If you are single, the cost is $5.  You will understand the price difference Saturday.  Here is the schedule:

FRIDAY:  Joe Wild

7:00 pm: Fun Exercise (mental not physical)

7:15 pm: Session 1

8:00 pm: Break (snacks provided)

8:15 pm: Session 2

SATURDAY:  Tracy Moore

8:30 am: Donuts and juice

9:00 am: Fun Exercise

9:15 am: Session 3

10:00 am: Break (snacks provided)

10:15 am: Break out sessions (men and women)

11:00 am: Break (snacks provided)

11:15 am: Session 4

12:00 pm: Lunch (Couples are asked to go out on a date)

If you were not able to get a personality test or you would like for your test to be graded, you can see me Wednesday night.  If you have not signed up, please call, email or text (696-3752) by Wednesday.  It is important we know how many couples are coming.

SUNDAY NIGHT will be our annual congregational meeting with the elders.  We will meet in the Hebrews Coffee Shop at 5:30 pm.  This is a great opportunity to find out what is happening, receive updates and ask questions.  The elders also appreciate good ideas and suggestions.

Go to the Psalms this week to find refreshment.  Allow it to lead you into worship, to teach you how to pray, to give you a place to vent, confess, or discover attributes about the Father you may not have realized.  Heat up a cup of tea, sit in a quiet place you can be alone with your thoughts, and be transformed.


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