A Good Week

It has been a good week for this church.  I will begin with Tuesday night.  One of our young people, Sasha Chisholm, had her “Senior Night” with the Master’s Academy volleyball team.  Almost everyone of our teens showed up to support her and several adults!  How much did it mean to Sasha?  She texted me later to thank the church for coming out.  Little things go a long way.  Many of us have enjoyed watching her spiritual development over the last couple of years.  Here are a few pictures from Tuesday night.  Sasha with her coach, which you may recognize, our own Jerry Cutshall, and the other with her parents and grandmother.  Kaitlyn Cutshall was also her teammate.

12109807_10207994139957294_1055608880005383601_o 12120082_10207994137517233_6874991397204830121_o

This doesn’t represent everyone who came out.

WP_20151006_001_e [243594]

Moving on to Wednesday night.  Another good Oasis.  David Paladin and his crew did their regular job of getting everything ready for a nice hot meal before Intercessory Prayer group and Bible classes.  Thanks to everyone who helped in any way.

Thursday night, Dixie Brooker and Sue Mora went over to the Family Homeless Center to help the kids with their reading.  I love the way some of our senior Christians give so much of themselves to children.  These Rockin’ Seniors do much more, but I thought I would spotlight these two ladies.

Friday night, Mike Dean (a.k.a. “Mikey Football) threw a touchdown pass and a two point conversion in the teams homecoming victory.  It isn’t his first of the year, but just one of the good things that happened this week.  Here are a couple of pictures taken this year with my cell phone.  Sorry for the poor quality.

WP_20151002_004 [253903] WP_20151002_005_e [253902]

Also Friday night, Trevor Wild, won a golf cart at the Vero Beach football game.  You heard me right.  Is it just me, or does it seem Trevor does this a lot?  Here is a picture of his new ride.

V__59E9 [243206]

Saturday night I was able to spend a few hours with a preacher, and his family, from Arkansas.  When I was in a singing group in college, he was a recruiter for the school, and we traveled a lot.  I haven’t seen him since that time, until Saturday.  They are also mutual friends with the McGee’s (small world).  I love talking with preachers and catching up.  It was a good night.

Sunday morning was another good day.  Our series focused on “The Joy of Jesus.” We ended with a powerful example of a wife who has been allowing the Joy of the Lord to flow through her life, despite the tragedy of her husbands accident.  But get this, Sunday afternoon I received this update.

Harrison is having a really good day today!  He is moving all over the bed, opened his eyes and looked at us for a minute, and moved his hand around until he found Hayley’s hand.  He is completely off the ventilator, and his digestive and urinary issues are resolved.  They are also starting him on a neurostimulant to see if that can help him become more awake.”  This is BIG news.  I am trying to find out if this occurred during the time we were praying.  They are now praying for a bed to become available so Harrison can begin his next phase of recovery.  Let’s continue to petition the Father, in Jesus name, for this young couple.


Sunday night the elders lead our forum.  If you missed here are a few highlights.

  • We were challenged to get into our community for Christ – to build relationships.
  • Our goal is to be “culturally relevant and Scripturally solid.”
  • Emphasis upon our new parking lot and future improvements to our facilities.  This also includes the things that need to be fixed or replaced (i.e., air conditioning units, baptistery, leaks, etc., etc., etc.).
  • Pray about your pledge toward these funds.  We have those who are willing to match up to $125,000.  That is HUGE!  But the truth is, even if we cover the match, that $250,000 will not cover the parking lot, new roof, and new paint job.  So we want that $125,000 to be the floor, not the ceiling, of our giving.
  • You will have THREE YEARS to cover your pledge.  Purpose cards will be given out soon.  Please PRAY, search your heart, and give sacrificially.  The elders will be collecting the pledges through December.
  • Your pledge is separate from your weekly contribution.  The elders will give more direction on how you should give, when you get ready.
  • SAVE THE BEARD and SHAVE THE BEARD campaigns have officially begun.  When you pledge indicate which one you want to contribute towards.  If everything goes well, I will not need to shave me beard the first of January.  If things make a turn for the worst…

So, I am officially beginning the SAVE THE BEARD campaign.  I promise to keep to it clean (unless you are talking about clean shaven).  My goal is to help you understand why my platform is what is best.  If you vote for my beard, I promise to keep it trimmed, treated with beard oil, and used to its full awesome potential.  Here is an article on the 7 health benefits of having a beard. Read if for yourself by clicking on http://www.mensxp.com/health/fitness/9317-7-health-benefits-of-having-a-beard.html  Don’t you want me to be healthy?  If you do cast your vote to save the beard.  I approve of this message.


Let’s wrap it up.  Go out today and count your blessings.  Stay connected to the Vine – Jesus Christ.  Be enriched by Him daily.  Let His peace overwhelm you.  When troubles come keep your eyes on Jesus and be joyful your name is written in heaven.  Rejoice in the Lord!  Rise above your trials.  Let go of those things that rob you of your joy by releasing your ego and expecting things go according to your plans.  Spread the joy.  Pray that others, especially those struggling, may have their joy complete in Jesus.


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