A Youthful Church!

A lot good news this weekend.  Let’s begin with the biggest – Daisy Cabañas made the decision to give her life to Jesus Christ and put Him on in baptism.  Joel did the honors Sunday afternoon.  If you do not know already, Daisy has been working in the sound room (she’s the one turning the slides during worship).  Let us all pray for her this week and her future in the Kingdom of God.  We love you Daisy.

V__6F96 [502531]

V__9480 [501530]

Staying with the theme of our youth, you may have noticed several of them greeting the last couple of weeks.  They are also preparing Communion, setting up the auditorium (cards, pens, picking up any trash), working with the kids program, and preschool classes.

If you don’t know already, the teens have devotions every other Sunday night.  Usually two or three hours of singing, devotion, and time of fellowship.  Joel is getting parents involved as well so they can be apart of their lives – teaching, hospitality, role models.  It is very encouraging.

Early shout out for the youth fund raiser on November 7th.  The fish fry is back by popular demand!  Mike Wiley has been busy catching the biggest, best tasting bass in Florida.  I don’t mean to brag, but I caught .05% of the fish you will be eating.  Trudy Teague sent me a picture on Facebook of the kind of fish she wants to eat.  A new kind hogfish, I’m thinking.


In other news, Opal Powell is taken care of for rides to church thanks to Marilyn Yergler and Liz Raikes.  Great news.  Anytime you have a need please let us know.  You don’t have to walk down the isle on Sunday either.  Just call us at the church or talk with one of the ministers or elders.  It may be you already know someone who can help you.  We say, “Go for it.”

Next week will be the last on our September sermon series – “I Quit!”  We will tackle the difficult subject of “I Quit Comparing.”  It’s hard to believe this month is almost gone.  That means a new series will begin in a couple of weeks.  Here is a hint.


More to come next Monday.

You may have noticed a different kind of bread in the Communion.  It was in a small container in the middle of the plate.  This is gluten free unleavened bread.  Some people have no problems with gluten, some can tolerate some in their diet, and others get sick with any amount.  We know of a couple of people who do, with the thoughts there might be others.   Interestingly enough, I was in Sonny’s Saturday evening and heard a waitress taking back a plate because she couldn’t have bread touching any part of her food.  I don’t know if this had to do with gluton or not, but there are some very real issues people struggle with on a daily basis.  It doesn’t change the fact it is unleavened bread.  We appreciate those who are making this each week.  And how about some love for Earl Holman for making the regular bread for all these years!  Anyway, we wanted you to know what was going on.  We appreciate all the help we get.

V__03AC [513344]

Go out today fearless!  Trust and seek God with all your heart, knowing He loves us and will fulfill our purpose in life.  Don’t live in the “what if’s” of life.  Don’t let Satan bind you with fear.  Let God set you free!  Live as spiritually free children of God.  Take time out to sit still and listen for Him.  Steven Wilson challenged us to take 8 minutes a day (4 minute intervals) to Be still and know that I am God; Be still and know that I AM; be still and know; Be still; Be.  A great challenge.


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